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Our Style

Our Business plans include the following:

  • A comprehensive executive summary
  • A detailed description of the company, pricing strategies, location and business operations
  • An in depth industry research
  • A market analysis including Swot Analysis
  • Evaluation of competition in the environment
  • An assessment of critical risks and solutions
  • Management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Financial projections
  • Milestone table

The features shown above are just an illustration of the components we cover in a business plan but we are always committed to go to any length to give our customers personalized services and one that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.

Our team of professionals

At Swift Writers, we understand that the quality of the business plan is equivalent to the expertise and experience of the business plan writer. As such, we have put in place rigorous accreditation mechanisms to ensure that only the best writers are recruited. This is guaranteed by the fact that we demand original degree certificates for all our writers as a proof of academic excellence. Besides, we demand a minimum experience of at least 3 years for all our writers.

The recruitment strategies and the career development programs at Swift Writers means that we retain only the most qualified and the most experienced writers who have what it takes to convert a business idea to an actionable business plan.

Why Choose our business plan service?

  • Custom business plans therefore we do not resell your business plan
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  • Free plagiarism report as an illustration of our commitment to plagiarism free academic work

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