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No matter the deadline or the type of paper, our prices are the same. After all we allow our students to quote there budgets which makes it even better for students who don't have much to pay.

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We maintain the principle of 'Quality and Original Content'. To prove this we attach a Free Turnitin Originality Report for every paper we deliver.

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Probably you are seaking our services because you fear you might not meet the deadline of your paper. On our side we guarantee to work hard and deliver it even far before the deadline.

Do You Fall in this Category?

  • Not in the mood of doing term papers, dissertations or any other academic work
  • Does this particular assignment bore you?
  • Are you fearing that you lack the understanding and the expertise to handle your academic work?
  • You got an urgent issue to attend to and the assignment deadline is tomorrow

If you fall in this category, worry no more because here at Swift Writers you have found friends who are more than willing to help and who understand that your academics are too important to your dreams to be taken lightly. Other than the willingness to help you, we have what it takes to tackle your daunting assignment.

Welcome To Swift Writers

Our creator created us in a way that we are attracted to the people who want the best for us; and that may explain why most of us have a very close relationship with their mothers. Guided by this principle, the founders of Swift Writers developed a Writing Company that would put the interests of the students above everything else to ensure that the future remains bright for these leaders of tomorrow. Through passion, dedication and commitment to quality, Swift Writers grew from offering only one service to offering a wide range of services such as dissertation writing, essays, term papers among others. Over the years, we have learnt that our ultimate success happens only when our clients succeed in their academics and therefore turn their career dreams into reality.

We love what we do

Passion is what determines super achievers from ordinary achievers. We at Swift Writers love what we do and we do not take writing as an ordinary job but a passion since most of our writers had the vision of being the best writers in the world from a young age. Therefore, we handle every assignment, term paper or dissertation with precision, creativity and joy since it is what we dreamt of doing since we were young. With the breath of passion, we convert ordinary assignments into winning world class assignments that are second to none. It is in your best interests to choose a team that is professional, that understands how important your academics are to your dreams and who want the best for you; That team is us

24 Hour Customer Support

We at Swift Writers Understand the Importance of constant communication to foster communication clarity and build trust. Therefore, our customer support is 24/7 to ensure that we give you timely feedback and save time. We are reachable across all platforms including cell phones, messages, What’s App, Facebook, twitter and even skype.

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What next other than to hit our order now button and place your order for a custom made academic work be it a term paper, business plan, dissertation across all fields and have it within no time. Our starting price is only $ 6 ; a price so low that most students would pay without a second thought.